Sunday, 7 March 2010

i don't care for fancy things...

...oh but i do. Tabby and I hosted a little ladies tea party this Sunday with special guests - my old friend, Swifty, who runs a supper club (The Shed) from her sweet summerhouse in her back garden, and Katey, who is an amazingly talented illustrator I recently got to know in London through friends (watch this space...Katey has been kind enough to design something for one of my new projects...more to follow).
I just feel really lucky to have such creative, inspirational people who i can invite to tea...even if my heart almost exploded with the caffeine and sugar intake...

(artwork from katey jean illustration)

...and here, a song i like, that's it. and we did not talk about boys at all today....not at all. Hmm.

My Boys (Animal Collective cover 'My Girls') - Taken By Trees


  1. STALKED. What a nice afternoon :)
    p.s. I just had a cup of's all flooding back to me *jitter*

  2. My post verification word was 'groin'. Nice one.