Wednesday, 8 December 2010

"books are for people who wish they were somewhere else"
                                                                                                      - Mark Twain

...with every ghost of what I knew

....this is a band I barely-discovered years ago when living in Sheffield....somehow their song, Too Too Fast from The Rhumb Line, has survived the filtration of my music archives and recently made it onto a Modern Romance playlist - and it went down an indie treat. Their latest single, Boy, from new album The Orchard (by new I mean August and my finger is slightly off the pulse) has lost none of the energy first produced by this band...i have no idea why they're still so unheard of over here.....

Boy - Ra Ra Riot

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

and you tell me, you tell me not to cry...

Sea Talk - Zola Jesus

...taken from the new album, Stridulum II, released in August. Zola a mixing cauldron of Kate Bush, Fever Ray and Florence....just finished the second of two UK tours this year and I'm sad to have missed both.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

it's cold outside...when you coming home?

oh..hello blog. i haven't seen you since, shit...August.
well...tonight i found myself prepping for another Modern Romance....trawling through blogs of new music....and i realised poor old paper street has been abandoned for far too long. could i not share this gem....

Not In Love - Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith's been doing the rounds for a little while but by golly it's really got my attention now.