Saturday, 20 March 2010

cool kids...they belong together..

...since i left Sheffield and my beloved Fuzz Club, which nurtured my love of indie music, i've longed for a replacement...somewhere that i can pretend i'm some cool front woman whilst shouting the lyrics of every song in the faces of my friends. After many a disappointed night i've decided to start my own night....and here it is...

Two kids born on the sticky floors of Sheffield indie clubs are reviving their lost anthems in East London. Amongst the abundance of disco and dubstep we shall revel in the bellowed choruses of such bands as Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Futureheads and The Smiths – taking us back to the early 2000s when our only worries were broken Converse and affording the cab fare home.

Modern Romance: your Auntie's 7" collection,your favourite old college mixtape, and the noise from your kid brother's bedroom. Frock up and dance to forgotten favourites,hidden treasures and future playlists. An indie-disco for you to fall in love with.

...making our first appearance at The Old Blue Last this Sunday and again at The Ink Rooms on Easter Friday....i better go, i have some work to do!

Modern Romance - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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