Thursday, 18 February 2010

friends in musical high!

so i decided to go home and see my folks in March for my Dad's birthday...which incidently means i miss the Frightened Rabbit gig i had guest list for in London....and the Sheffield gig has sold out....
..i also booked a holiday to Morocco, my first proper holiday in years...and i'm super excited but also shedding a tear that i miss the She & Him gig!! As well as The can this be?? ...and to top it all off Broken Social Scene sneakily scheduled a gig without me knowing and that too has sold out..

so i beg of you....people...have a heart...and find a girl some tickets for the following gigs:

Frightened Rabbit - Leadmill, Sheffield 13 March 2010
Broken Social Scene - Heaven, London 17 May 2010

[and any extra special miracles of gigs far and wide for She & Him and The National are greatly welcomed.. x]


  1. Frightened Rabbit is great live!!!! I hope you get a ticket.

    Let me know if you don't have the new album ....

  2. i don't actually...i'm guessing it's awesome? I have Swim Until You Can't See Land on 7" and it's worn out! : D